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3D Eyebrow semi-permanent Tattoo

Also known as Feathering
If you are forever drawing on your eyebrow or you want to save on make-up and prep. time , you also want to look great 24 hours a day , then 3D eyebrow tattoo is your answer.
3D eyebrow tattoo  is a semi-permanent technique using colour pigment drawn onto the skin giving you natural looking eyebrow
This technique used is natural feathering of hair stroke creating a beautiful designed.

laser hair removal la rose laser and spa


Our lumenis hair Laser machine uses the diode laser which is the next most useful hair removal light source, and the most promising laser for hair removal. It can laser fine hair, works on dark skin colour, tanned skin, it can treat large skin areas, and will result in a quicker treatment, just as effective. The Diode laser's longer wavelength of light thereby penetrates into the hair follicle without causing as much epidermal injury. This fact allows the Diode laser to be used on darker skin colors.

LaRose Facial

include relaxing steamed towels , cleansing , toning and customized mask and exfoliation . Using environ skin care will leave your skin looking fresh , toned and renewe
60min treatment



DermaSweep’s technology takes MicroResurfacing to the next level through our unique, customizable, treatment approach. Our proprietary bristle treatment tips gently lift away the top layer of skin and increase circulation to enhance lymphatic drainage, oxygenation, and the delivery of key skin nutrients. Exclusive infusion solutions formulated with cutting-edge ingredients are added to target specific skincare concerns, for visible results in just one treatment.
DermaSweep may help improve your skin and reduce these problem areas:

Sun damaged skin on face or body
Enlarged or clogged pores
Brown pimple marks and other skin blemishes
Age spots and superficial pigmentation
Some stretch marks and acne scars.

Anti-aging Facial

This facial targets fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, dullness hydration, and firmness. Which will result in giving you more youthful appearance.

Vampire Facelift PRP therapy

The vampire Facelift is a skincare solution that works by using your body’s natural healing properties to help restore your skin

Vampire Facelift PRP therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma ) Helps with:

Skin tightening
Skin brightening
Increase collagen and elastin
Diminish fine lines
Smooth out rough skin
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Chemical peel

Medical-graded chemical peels eliminate the damaged outer layers of the skin to reduce scaring, smooth texture and remove blemishes
Chemical peel treat number of conditions including:

Acne scars
Aging skin
Sun damaged skin
Sagging skin
Uneven skin tone
Rough feeling skin

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Make up Application

Using mineral based make up product. our make up application for every occasion holidays, wedding, we got your events covered. The best part at La Rose Laser and Spa our experts show you some tips and trick for your daily make up application at home. don't take my word for it come and try it yourself.

Eyelash and Brows Extension

One individual lash extension is adhered to one of your natural lash , adding volume,curl , length . An unlimited amount of lash extensions are applied to creat your natural glamorous look
Just a reminder prior to your lash appoint
Remove all mascara and eye make up
After your lash appointment 
Don't allow your lashes to get wet for at least 12 hours
Don't swim or allow steam on your face within the first 24 hours after the application
Don't use waterproof mascara
Don't perm curl or tint your lash extension

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Pedicure & Manicure

La Rose Manicure

We clip and shape the nails and maintain cuticles. Then will briefly massage in a moisture cream and polish with your colour of choice.

La Rose Pedicure

We start with softening your skin in a bath clip and shape your nails removing callus then using scrub to remove all the dead skin , massaging and finishing with your choice of colour using OPI Polish

Add on OPI Gel

Add this to manicure or pedicure this gel will give you beautiful polish  without chipping last 2 weeks

Add Paraffin

This healing treatment can be added to your manicure or pedicure leaving your skin feeling smooth rejuvenated

Massage windsor ontario


Indian head massage

This Swedish massage utilize both strong and gentle technique to relive tension , circulation blood flow and help with relaxation

Hot stone massage

Unique massage combine Swedish relaxation technique with the use of hot , oiled stones allowing the heat to penetrate deep into the muscles fit therapeutic effect and relaxation

Add on Aromatherapy

Choose the essential oils that best fit your need and will blend them into your massage oil , helps with soothing relaxation and detox

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Why La Rose Laser & Spa ?

Laser & Spa located in Windsor Ontario. La Rose Laser and Spa is the place to relax, revive, and rejuvenate  We offer a day spa with several services. La Rose Laser & Spa prides in having the best, newest, most effective lasers on the market with our permanent laser hair removal, facials, Anti-aging facial, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, Swedish Massage, Manicure and Pedicure, Face & Body Waxing, Lash & Brows Extension, 3D eye-brow tattoo’s. The most important feature here at La Rose Laser & Spa is being heavily invested to bring the most advanced & up to date equipment on the market for all the services offered. As well as, clients’ satisfaction and the relaxing atmosphere. Where the quality of care you will receive here will meet and most often surpasses the expectations of our clients, which keeps the clients coming back


Our Dear Clients thank you for allowing us to use your personal photos the before and after different treatments at La Rose Laser & Spa

Meet the Owner


Ella Osman

Ella is the proud owner of La Rose Laser & Spa, Ella Osman welcomes her client to a place of relaxation and a gateway from their stress. Ella is a Certified Medical esthetician, skin therapist, permanent make up and lash extension specialist. With over 9 year experience in laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments , microdermabrasion , sun damage treatment, she promises her clients to be pampered, and well taken care of. Ella’s continues goal is to create a relaxing atmosphere at La Rose Laser & Spa where you revive and rejuvenate every visit. The most important feature that Ella heavily invested in is bring the most advanced & up to date equipment on the market for all the services she offers. Since La Rose Laser and Spa is newly opened in 2015, the owner have made sure that the technology is the leading equipment and most effective. As well as, client’s satisfaction and the relaxing atmosphere that complements the quality of care you will receive here at La Rose Laser and Spa, which keeps her clients coming back.

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